Embedded systems engineer


  • Design and development of complex deeply embedded real-time software for manned and unmanned aeronautic applications.
  • Contribution to related open source projects and open standards.


  • BSc/MSc in EE/mechatronics or a similar qualification.
  • Excellent C++ skills, decent Python skills. Experience with Rust is a plus.
  • Familiarity with: hard real-time computing, nonlinear control theory, deterministic algorithms, defensive programming, real-time operating systems.
  • GNU/Linux is your default OS.
  • Existing contributions to open source software projects.
  • Unhealthy attention to detail.

Power electronics hardware engineer


  • Design of power electronics and related mechanical structures.
  • Design of digital and analog control electronics.


  • Experience with high-voltage power electronics (propulsion, drive inverters, power converters) and high-density integrated microassemblies (multilayer PCB, BGA).
  • Knowledge of Altium Designer, SolidWorks, Python, revision control tools.

Technical writer


  • Writing and maintenance of complex technical documentation on aircraft propulsion hardware, integrated circuits, and system software.
  • Writing whitepapers and marketing materials on the aforementioned topics.
  • Preparation and manual validation of product integration manuals in close collaboration with engineers.


  • Highly articulate with excellent command of written English (CEFR C2 or native).
  • Ability to read and understand complex technical specifications and system descriptions.
  • Experience with LaTeX and trivial web design.
  • Graphical design skills (technical sketches, drawings, diagrams, etc.)
  • Unhealthy attention to detail.

Electric propulsion researcher


  • Research, development, and implementation of advanced vector control methods for aeronautical propulsion systems.
  • Work on a state-of-the-art technology in close collaboration with a small, highly capable engineering team with an outstanding track record.


  • MSc/PhD in electric machines or a related field.
  • Excellent understanding of the physics of electric machines, power electronics, nonlinear control theory, digital signal processing, probabilistic state estimation and related mathematical methods.

Full-stack application software engineer


  • Development of GUI tooling for diagnostics and testing of vehicular systems and on-board networks in aerospace applications.
  • Development of a large-scale telemetry collection server with associated monitoring software for internal use.
  • Development of QA automation software for use in hardware manufacturing processes.
  • Tech stack: Python, HTML5, Flask, Ubuntu Server.


  • Experience with: full-stack application design, relational database design, user experience.
  • Existing contributions to open source software projects.

Sales and account manager


  • Account management and sales of aircraft propulsion hardware and electronics.
  • Activities at relevant exhibitions and conferences in Europe, North America, and Asia.
  • Close collaboration with major customers; management of customer feedback.


  • Experience in B2B sales of complex industrial hardware (machines, equipment, integrated circuits, etc).
  • English CEFR C2 or native.

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