Zubax GNSS firmware update to v2.0

This article shows how to update firmware on Zubax GNSS to version 2.0 using our update utility. This is a one-time procedure; when the firmware is updated to v2.0, the module will be able to update itself automatically in the future via UAVCAN.

After update, the firmware will be running release candidate UAVCAN stack (v1.0.0rc). It is currently supported by PX4 starting from the version v1.0 and on; however, APM (as of Sep 2015) is still running an outdated version of the UAVCAN stack, therefore this update should not be made if compatibility with APM is required.

The utility also allows to downgrade the firmware to the factory-default version, v1.0.

Step 1 - Install the update utility on your PC


Download and install this package: http://zubax.com/files/Zubax%20Serial%20Updater-1.1-win32-zubax_gnss_fw_v1_v2.msi

When the package is installed, locate Zubax Serial Updater under the Start menu and launch it.

Linux and Mac OS

Download and unpack this archive: http://zubax.com/files/zubax_serial_updater_v1.1_zubax_gnss_fw_v1_v2.tar.gz

Run the Python script named zubax_serial_updater. You may have to install the Python package pyserial; you can use pip for that: sudo pip install pyserial.

Step 2 - Connect your Zubax GNSS

Disconnect your Zubax GNSS from all interfaces, then connect it to the PC using the Auxiliary Serial Port.

The utility will display the newly connected serial port in the drop-down menu.

Step 3 - Update

Make sure no other applications are using the serial port. It is also recommended to shut down all other applications.

Go to the utility's window:

  1. Select the firmware you want to load onto the device:
    • zubax_gnss_fw_v2.bin - firmware version 2, use it if you want to upgrade (it is selected by default).
    • zubax_gnss_fw_v1.bin - firmware version 1, use it if you want to downgrade.
  2. Select the serial port in the drop-down list.
  3. Press Start and wait for the application to report completion.

Do not disconnect the device while update is in progress.

Step 4 - Finish

When the update utility reports success, disconnect the board from the serial port.

You can remove the update utility from your system - you won't need it again, unless you'll want to downgrade later.

Please make sure to read the Pixhawk configuration tutorial again, as it has been updated: http://docs.zubax.com/Zubax_GNSS_tutorial:_Using_with_Pixhawk

If you ran into a problem, feel free to ask for assistance on the Zubax Robotics support forum: http://productforums.zubax.com.

Source code of the update utility is available at https://github.com/Zubax/zubax_serial_updater.