Presentation on PX4ESC and PX4 Sapog at Embedded Linux Conference 2016

A presentation on PX4ESC and PX4 Sapog was delivered at ELC 2016 in San Diego. Download the slides here:

IMAV 2015

Zubax Robotics had a presentation on PX4ESC at IMAV-2015. The abstract can be downloaded here: The slides can be downloaded here:

Zubax GNSS firmware update to v2.0

This article shows how to update firmware on Zubax GNSS to version 2.0 using our update utility. This is a one-time procedure; when the firmware is updated to v2.0, the module will be able to update itself automatically in the future via UAVCAN.

Presentation at DroneCode Unconference

We have participated in the recent DroneCode Unconference with a short presentation on the current state of our two mission-critical projects: UAVCAN and PX4ESC. The slides are here.

Zubax Robotics at Aviation and Cosmonautics - 2014

Zubax Robotics participated in an international conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics - 2014", where we presented a research paper on a positioning technique for an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle. The full paper is available here: Although the paper itself is in Russian, an English abstract is available.

Zubax Robotics designs and manufactures advanced UAV avionics and aerial robots