We develop products that offer a technological edge.
Our customers come from a wide range of industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Defence

Electric drives


Zubax develops electric drives that enhance the efficiency and performance of electric motors, based on our proprietary FOC technology (Dyshlo). These drives offer several integration and customization options to meet specific customer requirements.

Key advantages of Zubax Drives include enhanced efficiency, lower heat production, and increased power density. Their design ensures easy installation and maintenance, facilitating rapid development cycles.

Ideal for diverse applications such as aerospace, robotics, and nautical sectors, Zubax Drives are engineered to perform reliably in extreme conditions and harsh environments.



The Zubax FluxGrip is an electro-permanent magnet capable of holding up to 20 kg, making it perfect for reliably securing objects with ferrous surfaces. FluxGrip combines the benefits of both electro- and permanent magnets, allowing it to toggle between active and inactive states as needed while consuming no power in either state. It supports various communication interfaces, ensuring seamless integration into any system.

Ideal for scenarios that demand a dependable and strong hold without compromising on energy efficiency, the FluxGrip magnet is well-suited for drone systems, robotics, and a variety of locking mechanisms and holders.



OpenCyphal is a novel, highly reliable intravehicular distributed computing technology that enables onboard electronics to efficiently share data and computational workloads in real-time. It supports various transports, including UDP/IP, TCP/IP, CAN FD, and others.

The benefits of using OpenCyphal are best understood in the context of complex, safety-critical systems, such as modern software-defined vehicles. These systems require numerous units and subsystems to communicate while adhering to strict timing constraints and reliability standards. OpenCyphal simplifies the development of such systems by providing convenient and robust zero-cost abstractions.