Télega electric propulsion

Télega is a high-end PMSM/BLDC motor control solution for aerospace applications and robotics. Telega employs advanced vector control algorithms (FOC) that provide high energy-efficiency, robustness, and fast response. A wide variety of supported communication interfaces and auxiliary features enable easy integration into the end application.

Myxa ESC

Myxa is a high-end sensorless FOC ESC based on the Télega technology. Myxa is designed for use in propulsion systems of light unmanned aircraft and watercraft.

UAV propulsion kits

We assemble and supply tuned propulsion kits and integrated drives for UAV applications. This is a complete power train solution from ESC to propeller.     

Customized solutions

We design and manufacture application-specific electric propulsion systems based on the Télega technology. Get in touch to discuss your application with us.

UAVCAN open data bus standard

UAVCAN is an open lightweight data bus standard designed for reliable intravehicular communication in aerospace and robotic applications via CAN bus, Ethernet, and other robust transports.

Zubax Robotics is the original developer and maintainer of UAVCAN — an open data bus standard for aerospace and robotic applications. UAVCAN is an integral part of the Dronecode core infrastructure, and is used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world.

UAVCAN is created specifically to address the needs of modern vehicles with sophisticated on-board intelligence. The protocol natively supports advanced features like complex data types, publish/subscribe & RPC, time synchronization, modular redundancy, and more.

Being an open standard, UAVCAN is free to use for everyone, and it will always remain this way. High-quality open source implementations and development tools are available under permissive OSS licenses.

Recent blog posts

UAVCAN 2019 survey

The UAVCAN development team is conducting a survey. Companies that leverage UAVCAN or any similar technologies are invited to participate: docs.google.com UAVCAN survey 2019 UAVCAN is an open lightweight protocol designed for reliable intravehicular communication in aerospace …

UAVCAN 2019 roadmap

We published the UAVCAN roadmap outlining the current status and future goals of the project. UAVCAN Forum – 29 Oct 19 UAVCAN 2019 roadmap For UAVCAN, 2019 is marked by rapidly growing adoption and significant advancement of the technological base of the project. Besid…

New R&D facility in Moscow, Russia

We have launched a new R&D facility in Moscow, Russia, which also serves as a regional office. Our CIS-based customers will benefit from the new location as it should simplify the logistics and enable easier access to our solutions. The new location is at 2nd Brestskaya street, 9b1:…

Kucher v1.0 is released for Windows and GNU/Linux

Kucher v1.0 is finally released and available for download. Here are the direct download links: GNU/Linux: https://files.zubax.com/products/com.zubax.kucher/1.0.0/linux-x86_64/Kucher Windows: https://files.zubax.com/products/com.zubax.kucher/1.0.0/windows-10_64/Kucher.exe (designed to work with W…

Heavy-duty integrated PMSM drive for safety-critical propulsion systems of light UAV and watercraft

This is a prototype of a custom heavy-duty integrated PMSM based on Mitochondrik. The drive is optimized for propulsion systems of unmanned aircraft and watercraft. Rated speed 10500 RPM, power 350 W (peak 500 W), torque 0.32 Nm, liquid cooling, weight 480 g (incl. coolant), efficiency 91%. Dedicat…

An article about UAVCAN based on the materials presented at the PX4 Dev Summit in Zurich

Two weeks ago there was a PX4 developer’s summit held at Zurich ETH where we have presented our recent developments, future plans, and long-term vision for UAVCAN. We have published an article based on the materials presented there: UAVCAN Forum – 2 Jul 19 UAVCAN: a hig…

Sadulli integrated drive is available for early preview

Sadulli is an open hardware reference design for Mitochondrik. The hardware sources can be found on GitHub: github.com/Zubax/Sadulli. Zubax Robotics Sadulli integrated drive - open-hardware reference design for Mitochondrik Sadulli is an open hardware reference design f…

Sadulli - an open hardware reference design for Mitochondrik

Sadulli is an open hardware reference design for Mitochondrik. It is a tightly integrated unit that contains an electric motor with its control electronics (Mitochondrik-based) in a single monolithic package. Specs: 500 W continuous output power. 4S-8S supply voltage. UAVCAN interface. Solder-free …

Dronecode Probe v2.3 is now available

Today we have released an updated version of the Dronecode Probe v2.3. It is available for ordering online at the Zubax Shop. The new version supports additional targets by virtue of being compatible with the most recent releases of the Black Magic Firmware, implements more robust level shifting cir…

Babel firmware v1.2 is available

New firmware v1.2 is available for Babel. Changes: Added a new CLI command: gpio. This command allows one to control the SMD GPIO pads via USB/UART. Read the datasheet for more information. Fixed handling of zero-length USB transactions. Fixed naming of software version fields in the bootloader: f…