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Zubax Robotics is an Estonian research and development company founded in 2015. We research, design, and manufacture electric propulsion systems for aerospace and other applications.

Our most recent development – the Télega motor control solution – is a result of a major scientific inquiry into the theory of electric machines. The Télega technology allows electric vehicles to travel further using less power from the battery, thus alleviating one of the most significant obstacles in the way of total electrification of all kinds of transport.

We have developed UAVCAN – an open data bus specification for aerospace applications and robots. The UAVCAN project is now an integral part of the Dronecode core infrastructure (the DroneCode project is maintained by The Linux Foundation).

Our company is a silver member of the Dronecode project. We are actively contributing to the core open source software in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, and collaborating with researchers and developers from all over the world.


Our IP portfolio includes a set of core technologies that are the basis for most of our products. We provide customization, consulting, and product development services for our clients. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please write us.


All products manufactured by Zubax Robotics and by our licensed vendors undergo a rigorous testing procedure. Every manufactured unit is subjected to a series of automated tests; the resulting test reports are available online at device.zubax.com/device_info.

Every manufactured device is equipped with a strong digital signature that can be used to reliably determine the authenticity of the vendor, thus ruling out the risks of encountering counterfeit products.


The map below shows the locations of our facilities and our partners . Click on the markers to get more info.

Recent blog posts

Myxa vs Orel20 efficiency tests

Zubax Orel 20 is an advanced controller of sensorless BLDC motors designed for use in cost-sensitive applications. Zubax Orel 20 runs Sapog - an open source multiplatform BLDC controller firmware. Sapog has many special features to make the BLDC motor control more reliable and effective. But it is…

Geenius.ee published an interview about the future of electric propulsion and our role in it

Warning: Estonian language ahead. geenius.ee Zubax Robotics pani kavala algoritmi abil mootorid efektiivsemalt tööle |... Zubax Robotics on iduettevõte, mis arendab välja tehnoloogiat, mis paneb elektrimootorid tööle väiksema energiakulu, aga sama efektiivsusega. Geeniuse küs…

Myxa motor controllers are shipping

Today we shipped two very first orders of Myxa. Although the product has not yet been fully released, we’re rapidly getting Myxa to the status of a market-ready product. Few things remain to be completed: A comprehensible GUI configuration tool. We’re actually going to open source it later so that …

Myxa ESC's Thermal Tests

Myxa is a high-efficiency controller utilizing all the benefits of Telega firmware as well as hardware components. The ESC is very small and can be easily mounted in light aircrafts and vehicles. At the same time, it can pass a large amount of power to the motor. We performed a number of tests on …

Galileo support in Zubax GNSS 2

The European global navigation system - Galileo - has become operational in 2016. Currently, there already are 15 operational satellites in orbit, which means that it is time to upgrade Zubax GNSS 2 with the capability to utilize Galileo signals alongside GPS and GLONASS. The new firmware version 4…

Evaluating the efficiency of a sensorless propeller drive using UAVCAN GUI Tool

This video shows how the UAVCAN GUI Tool can be applied to evaluate the efficiency of a sensorless propeller drive (or any other kind of drive that can be controlled via UAVCAN). The video features the following products and instruments: UAVCAN GUI Tool version 0.9 Zubax Babel (USB-CAN adapter) …

Maximum speed considerations in Sapog and Telega firmwares

Sapog is an advanced open source sensorless PMSM/BLDC motor controller firmware designed for use in propulsion systems of electric unmanned aircraft (UAV) and watercraft. Telega is more advanced and more efficient motor control firmware, increasing ESC working time from battery. In addition Telega …

Meet us at DRONE Berlin this week

mage.jpg1030x196 33.7 KB We’re participating in the upcoming DRONE Berlin exhibition & conference (September 21-22 @ Rudower Chaussee 17, Berlin). Feel free to stop by our stand and ask anything about Telega, or about motor control technologies in general. zubax poster.jpg1000x1499 445 KB…

Our new laboratory at Tehnopol

Our lab has moved to the Tallinn’s Science Park Tehnopol, and we’ve entered the Tehnopol’s business incubation program! Check out our new location here: We anticipate that this change should bring about much faster development of our core technologies and products. Stay tuned for future updates on …

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Concerning the prospects of investment, please reach investment@zubax.com.

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Pavel Kirienko


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Dmitry Ramensky, PhD

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