Technology customization

We perform R&D and mass production of customized parts and units based on our core technologies. Technology customization services offered by Zubax allow vehicle vendors to substantially reduce the product development costs and reduce the time to market.

Our standard technology customization framework typically provides the following options for the customer:

  • Zubax as a supplier. We perform the mass production of the customized parts or units for the customer. In this case, a long-term supply agreement is signed.
  • Zubax as a licensor. We license the related intellectual property rights, allowing the customer to manufacture the needed parts or units in-house or by subcontracting to a third party. The licensing fees are either per-unit or monthly fixed. The billing and other issues pertaining to licensing are managed automatically by our technology licensing platform.
  • Zubax as a designer. Upon completion of the R&D activities, we hand over the entire set of intellectual property rights along with pertaining documentation to the customer.

Please reach out to us to discuss the details of your project.

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