Zubax Orel 20

Zubax Orel 20 is an advanced ESC (BLDC motor controller) with doubly redundant CAN bus interface, designed for unmanned aerial vehicles. Zubax Orel 20 runs PX4 Sapog - an advanced open source multi-platform BLDC motor controller firmware.


  • Power capability: 9~18 V, 350 W. Use this to evaluate suitable applications: http://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php.
  • High reliability. The Sapog firmware and the Orel hardware are designed with critical applications in mind:
    • Reliable control algorithms implemented in Sapog.
    • Communication via doubly redundant CAN bus.
    • Hardware designed for wide temperature range.
  • High bandwidth. The Sapog firmware provides excellent response characteristics, which is crucial for multirotor applications.
  • Versatility. Zubax Orel supports the popular RCPWM analog control interface as an alternative to CAN bus.
  • Quality assurance. Every manufactured Orel is subjected to a rigorous testing procedure, which ensures flawless performance over the entire lifetime of the device.
  • Open source community. The Sapog firmware is maintained by Zubax Robotics and the PX4 Autopilot project.