Babel in a plastic enclosure


Advanced USB-CAN and UART-CAN adapter that can be used as a standalone device or as an embeddable module for OEM.

Babel is an advanced USB-CAN and UART-CAN adapter designed for use with UAVCAN and other CAN bus protocols. It can be used either as a complete standalone tool, as a development platform for UAVCAN-centric applications, or as an OEM component in larger systems.


  • General-purpose USB-CAN or UART-CAN adapter.
  • Diagnostic, monitoring, and development tool for UAVCAN networks.
  • Generic CAN/UAVCAN development board.
  • Programmable CAN unit in OEM applications.

Babel is primarily intended for UAVCAN applications, although other CAN bus protocols are supported equally well. We recommend the UAVCAN GUI Tool for use with Babel; however, there is a wide selection of software products that can talk with SLCAN adapters and therefore are compatible with Babel too.


  • Low latency. The overall latency between the USB port on the host system and the CAN bus is under 1 millisecond.
  • High throughput. The device handles over 5000 frames per second in either direction continuously.
  • Standard Dronecode/UAVCAN connectors.
  • Proper prioritization of outgoing CAN frames. The adapter schedules outgoing frames properly, avoiding the inner priority inversion problem in the transmission queue.
  • Large RX buffer allows the device to handle short-term traffic bursts without frame losses when interfaced via low-speed UART.
  • Embedded software-controlled 120 Ohm termination resistor.
  • The CAN bus can be powered from USB via a software-controlled bus power switch. This enables, among other things, easy testing and configuration of UAVCAN-interfaced peripherals.
  • Quasi-standard SLCAN interface (a.k.a. LAWICEL) to the host system makes the adapter compatible with a variety of software products available on the market.
  • No drivers needed for Windows, OSX, Linux.

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