State-of-the-art PMSM/BLDC motor control solution for aerospace applications and robotics.

Télega is an advanced electric motor control solution (PMSM/BLDC) for aerospace and robotic applications. Telega implements new approaches to digital signal processing that enable high energy efficiency and excellent dynamic characteristics. Telega supports a wide variety of communication interfaces and auxiliary features that enable easy integration into the end application. Telega is based on Dyshlo, a platform-agnostic, highly abstract, header-only C++ library.


Télega employs new approaches to digital signal processing (DSP), which in combination with a proprietary field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm enable a significant improvement in energy efficiency, better dynamic characteristics and higher robustness compared to traditional PMSM/BLDC drives, including modern vector control solutions from other vendors.

Higher energy efficiency and the resulting decrease in heat dissipation allows Télega-based drives to achieve higher power output in smaller form factors.

Built-in robust motor identification routines ensure compatibility with many PMSM or BLDC motors with minimal manual tuning required. Further performance optimization for a particular motor is possible with manual tuning, which is an optional service provided by Zubax Robotics (please email sales@zubax.com for details).


Robust sensorless operation even with poorly characterized (low cost) motors.

The hardware implementations are made to withstand harsh environments and employ AEC-Q qualified components (consult with the specific product documentation for the list of exceptions).

Every manufactured unit undergoes a rigorous automatic testing procedure at the factory. The test reports are available online for every delivered device. Extended traceability data is available upon request.


Supported communication interfaces:

  • CAN bus with optional dual bus redundancy for safety-critical applications.
  • RC PWM for UAV/robotic applications.
  • Support for analog motor temperature sensors.

Telega-based motor controllers support in-field firmware upgrades via CAN bus (no need to disassemble the vehicle).


  • Propeller and fan drives in electric aircraft (manned/unmanned).
  • Pump and propeller drives in electric watercraft.
  • Fuel pumps for jet engines and gas turbines.
  • Propulsion systems in ground robots and EVs.

There are motor controllers and integrated drives that cover a wide range of power levels and different application domains. We also design custom electric propulsion solutions for our customers upon request.


“I want to express my gratitude to you for such a successful controller, it really allowed to increase the flight duration of one of our production vehicles by 25%.”

- Lipovy Andrey (Chief Designer at Spaitech LLC)

“Today I had a chance for a first "serious” test. It was done with 6S, so maximum thrust was “only” 5 kg. But it may be interesting for you, that we could achieve 3.1 kg thrust with only about 200W - which means 16 g/W efficiency. A pretty good value at 3.1 kg. It looks like your ESC is already a winner for us! Test video.“

- Helge Hackbarth (Managing Director at KopterKraft OÜ)

"We took a known problematic motor that would always get bogged down in rapid acceleration and skip and [Myxa] made it work. Quality is top notch […], no corners cut on that.”

- Ryan Johnston (CEO at Applied Aeronautics)

“[Zubax Myxa] played a pivotal role in our success, providing reliability and outstanding functionality/integration with superior battery efficiency. Thanks to [Zubax’s] support, our drone effectively lowered battery depletion, enabling us to power our onboard navigation and computer, furthermore benefiting overall performance.”

- Maya Tout (Business Member at AmadorUAVs)