BoolDrive BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV" is an integrated module (like an integrated circuit) that enables hardware engineers to design sophisticated custom motor controllers using Télega — our cutting-edge motor control technology. With BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV", a regular hardware engineer without prior experience with motor control applications can design a custom field-oriented control ESC (also known as sine wave drive, or vector control) in a couple of weeks.

BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV" reduces the time to market and the required engineering expertise for vehicle designers while allowing them to keep manufacturing of key components in-house, thus maintaining a high level of vertical integration.

Open hardware reference designs

There are several permissively licensed open source designs showcasing how to leverage Mitochondrik LV in a practical application:

  • Komar (purchase) – a 4..12 S, 2500 W motor controller.
  • Sadulli (purchase) – a 4..8 S, 500 W integrated drive.
  • Bloxa – a low-power, minimalistic ESC rated for 4–8 S, 200 W.

For low-volume orders, please proceed to the online store. For large orders and long-term supply options, please get in touch.


  • Built-in step-down DC-DC converter, MOSFET driver, and the MCU running the Telega motor control software.
  • Compatible with virtually any PMSM/BLDC motor. Custom manual tuning is provided by Zubax Robotics as an additional optional service for demanding applications.
  • Supported supply voltages: 4–12 SLiCoO2.
  • Continuous power output of the motor controller up to 7 kW.
  • Supported communication interfaces:
    • Cyphal/CAN bus (supports dual modular redundancy).
    • Standard RC PWM.


Mitochondrik LV is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 certified vendor in the European Union.
Contact us for information about quality and standard compliance.