An electro-permanent magnet designed for aerospace and robotic applications.

Zubax EPM is an electro-permanent magnet designed for aerospace and robotic applications. It combines the advantages of electro- and permanent magnets by being able to switch between the on-state and off-state on demand (like an electromagnet); while consuming zero power in either state (like a permanent magnet). The device supports a variety of communication interfaces that enable easy integration into any end system.

Zubax EPM follows high safety and reliability standards that ensure dependable operation in hostile environments.


  • Payload attachment in aerial vehicles.
  • Workholding in CNC machines, manipulators, and robots.
  • Magnetic locks, clamps, and holders.


  • Strong magnet in a very compact and lightweight form-factor.
  • Zero power consumption in either on or off state.
  • Fast on↔off state transition in approx. 1 second.
  • Low (de-)magnetization energy consumption.
  • Entirely solid-state construction, no moving parts inside.
  • IP68 rated — dust-tight, submersible.
  • AEC-Q grade 2 electronics.
  • Resistant to vibration, mechanical stress, high and low temperatures, electromagnetic interference, humidity, dust, and some aggressive chemicals.
  • Wide power supply voltage range ensures trivial integration into the end system.
  • Compatible with industry-standard interfaces:
    • Cyphal/CAN FD control with diagnostic telemetry;
    • RCPWM control input;
    • voltage level control input.


Three types of EPM are available:

  • EPM401M - optimized for cost-sensitive applications.
  • EPM401MA - nearly a drop-in replacement for OpenGrab EPM v3
  • EPM402M - optimized for mission-critical applications due to doubly-redundant CAN FD interface.
Variant Mass, g Dimensions, mm Cyphal/CAN iface Analog iface
EPM401M 70 40✕40✕30 Single UCANPHY Micro No
EPM401MA 70 40✕40✕30 Single UCANPHY Micro Yes
EPM402M 70 40✕40✕30 Double UCANPHY Micro No

For low-volume orders, please proceed to the online store. For large orders and long-term supply options, please get in touch.

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Contact Zubax Robotics for information about quality and standard compliance.


Zubax EPM is manufactured in the European Union.

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