Myxa in the aluminum heat-sinking enclosure


High-end PMSM/BLDC motor controller (FOC ESC) for light unmanned aircraft and watercraft.

Myxa is a high-end FOC ESC based on the Télega motor control technology.

Myxa is designed for use in propulsion systems of light unmanned aerial (UAV), underwater, and surface vehicles. The controller provides up to 850 W of continuous power output and supports a wide range of operating voltages 12–51 V (LiIon 4–12 S).

State-of-the-art vector control algorithms make Myxa one of the most energy-efficient ESC on the market. In the UAV field, the vector control technology is also known as field-oriented control, sine wave drive, or just FOC. Unlike other vector control solutions, Myxa is compatible with virtually any PMSM or BLDC motor, and is able to measure the parameters of the driven motor and automatically optimize itself for best performance.


  • Propeller and fan drives for light unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).
  • Pump and propeller drives for unmanned watercraft.
  • Fuel pump drives for jet engines and gas turbines.
  • CMG drives for LEO spacecraft.


  • Based on the advanced Télega motor control technology.
  • Continuous power output up to 850 W.
  • Single supply voltage 12–51 V (Li-ion 4–12 S).
  • Rich set of communication interfaces:
    • CAN bus interface (connectors are compatible with UAVCAN and the Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard). Myxa B offers a doubly-redundant CAN bus interface for mission-critical applications.
    • UART interface for control, management, and telemetry.
    • USB interface for control, management, and telemetry; driverless compatibility with GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. The connector type is USB Micro-B.
    • Industry-standard RC PWM input.
  • 5V BEC (battery elimination circuit) power output (Myxa B only).
  • Optional motor temperature measurement via external thermistor.
  • Connectors compatible with the Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard.
  • Standard 3.5 mm bullet power connectors.
  • High quality assurance:
    • Every manufactured unit undergoes a rigorous automated testing procedure. The testing log for each produced unit is available on the web.
    • Protection against unlicensed (counterfeit) production by means of a digital signature installed on every manufactured unit.


Two types of Myxa are available:

  • Myxa A - optimized for cost-sensitive applications.
  • Myxa B - optimized for mission-critical applications.

Each type is available in several modifications which are reviewed in the table. Regardless of the chosen enclosure option, all versions of Myxa are conformal-coated, which provides resilience against moisture, aggressive chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion.

Variant Description Mass, g Dimensions, mm Rated power, W Redundant CAN BEC output Oper. temp, °C
Myxa A0 Board-level 26 55✕35✕19 400 -20 to 70
Myxa A1 Polyolefin envelope 27 55✕36✕20 400 -20 to 70
Myxa A2 Aluminum enclosure 55 57✕38✕24 850 -20 to 70
Myxa B0 Board-level 27 55✕35✕20 400 DMR 5 V, 250 mA -40 to 85
Myxa B1 Polyolefin envelope 28 55✕36✕21 400 DMR 5 V, 250 mA -40 to 85
Myxa B2 Aluminum enclosure 56 57✕38✕24 850 DMR 5 V, 250 mA -40 to 85

For low-volume orders, please proceed to the online store. For large orders and long-term supply options, please get in touch.

Evaluate your UAV application

Endurance with traditional BLDC drives min
Endurance achievable with Télega technology min

Provided estimates are based on laboratory tests. Real gains may vary.

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Base technologies

UAV propulsion kits

Tuned and fully configured UAV power system combos are available for ordering.


Myxa is manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 certified vendor. Contact Zubax Robotics for information about quality and standard compliance.

Myxa B, bottom view
Myxa B, front view
Lightweight plastic enclosure with the top lid removed
Myxa evaluation kit
Kucher - a GUI tool for Telega