A UAV propulsion kit

UAV propulsion kits

Complete UAV powertrain solution from ESC to propeller (power system combo).

A drone propulsion kit is an assembled, tuned, and fully configured set of powertrain hardware, that includes the motor controller (ESC), the motor itself, and the propeller. This is a complete power conversion solution from DC electrical input to propulsive power (also known as power system combo).

All propulsion kits use highly energy-efficient and robust vector control drives (FOC ESC) based on the Télega motor control technology.

The motors and the propellers used in propulsion kits are sourced from third-party vendors. Note that our extended reliability and quality guarantees do not directly apply to third-party hardware unless specifically noted otherwise. For detailed information about the third-party hardware please refer to the official vendor documentation.


The following table contains recommended propulsion kit variants that are available for immediate ordering from our store. Each kit is available both in clockwise and counter-clockwise propeller configurations, so the direction is not specified in the table. Other configurations are available upon request.

The characteristics are provided for reference only. The reference data is valid for normal atmospheric conditions at the specified DC supply voltage in still air. The reference data was obtained by sweeping the setpoint in the specified hardware configuration from zero to the maximum and back using the current (torque) control mode.

Variant ESC Motor cable Motor Propeller Nominal
static thrust
Total mass
(incl. cables)
Max continuous
Photo Specific thrust
Speed Thrust
UPK-MA2-C060-MN5212KV340-P18x6.1 Myxa A2 0.6 m T-Motor
MN5212 KV340
T-Motor P18x6.1
(carbon fiber)
44 N at
29 V (Li-ion 8S)
350 g 750 W
UPK-MB2-C060-MN5212KV340-P18x6.1Myxa B2
UPK-MA0-0-SS4006KV320-P15x5 Myxa A0 N/A SunnySky
V4006-27 KV320
T-Motor P15x5
(carbon fiber)
14.7 N at
22 V (Li-ion 6S)
120 g 250 W
UPK-MA1-0-SS4006KV320-P15x5Myxa A1
UPK-MB0-0-SS4006KV320-P15x5Myxa B0
UPK-MB1-0-SS4006KV320-P15x5Myxa B1
UPK-MA2-C060-SS4014KV330-P17x6.2 Myxa A2 0.6 m SunnySky
V4014-11 KV330
EOLO CN17x6.2
(folding carbon fiber)
24.5 N at
22 V (Li-ion 6S)
270 g 550 W
UPK-MB2-C060-SS4014KV330-P17x6.2Myxa B2

Arbitrary-length motor cables and motor temperature probes are available upon request. We also manufacture custom propulsion kits and integrated drives consisting of our motor controllers and third-party motors/propellers/fans specified by the customer. Please get in touch for more information.


The variant ordering code contains the prefix UPK-, followed by a sequence of dash-separated fields listed below, in the specified order:

Field Notes
Motor controller model Abbreviated, e.g. MB2 for Myxa B2.
Motor interface options C followed by three-digit motor cable length in centimeters, e.g. C060. T for temperature probe. 0 if no options selected.
Motor model Abbreviated.
Propeller model Abbreviated.
Propeller direction CW – clockwise, CCW – counterclockwise.

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Base technologies

Motor dimensions

Motor drawings from the official vendor documentation are provided here for reference.

T-Motor MN5212

SunnySky V4006

SunnySky V4014