State-of-the-art PMSM/BLDC vector control solution for aerospace applications, robotics, and electric vehicles.

Télega is an advanced motor control solution for various application domains. Telega employs patent pending vector control techniques that enable high efficiency and excellent dynamic characteristics; also it supports a wide variety of communication interfaces and auxiliary features that enable easy integration into the end application.


Highly efficient field-oriented control with patent pending enhancements enables over 15% improvement in efficiency, better dynamic characteristics and higher robustness compared to traditional BLDC drives.


High efficiency and the resulting decrease in heat dissipation allows Télega-based drives to achieve higher performance in smaller form factors.

Built-in precise motor identification routines ensure compatibility with virtually any PMSM or BLDC motor.


Robust sensored and sensorless operation even with poorly characterized (low cost) motors.

The software is designed with adherence to MISRA C++ 2008 and HIC++ coding standards. The source code is validated using advanced static verification tools.

The hardware implementations are made to withstand harsh environments and extreme operating conditions.

Every manufactured unit undergoes a rigorous testing procedure. The test reports are available online for every shipped device.


Lots of communication interfaces:

  • CAN bus with optional dual bus redundancy for mission-critical applications.
  • USB (no drivers needed for Windows, Linux, and OSX).
  • UART/RS-232 for industrial applications.
  • RC PWM for robotic applications.
  • Scriptable GPIO and analog interfaces (coming soon!).
  • Support for motor temperature sensors.

Telega supports in-field firmware upgrades via CAN, USB, and UART/RS-232 – no special tools needed.


  • Propulsion systems of electric aircraft and watercraft (both manned and unmanned).
  • Electric cars and bikes.
  • Ground robots.
  • CMG drives for spacecraft.

There are different hardware implementations that cover a wide range of power levels and different application domains. We can also design custom hardware for our clients.

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