Uncomplicated Application-level Vehicular Computing And Networking.

Zubax Robotics is the main developer and maintainer of UAVCAN — an open technology for real-time intravehicular distributed computing and communication based on modern networking standards (Ethernet, CAN FD, etc.). It was created to address the challenge of on-board deterministic computing and data distribution in next-generation intelligent vehicles.

UAVCAN is used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world in various domains including manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, micromobility, and even racing cars. Learn more from the official website at

Zubax Robotics provides commercial support and consulting services for UAVCAN.


  • Designed for complex, high-integrity, real-time vehicular computing systems.

  • Publish/subscribe and request/response (RPC) exchange semantics.

  • Specialized interface description language provides rich zero-cost interface abstractions and facilitates service-oriented design.

  • Lightweight — implementable from scratch in ca. 1000 logical lines of code; cheap to verify and validate.

  • Peer-to-peer network — no bus master, no single point of failure.

  • Modular redundancy for fault-tolerant systems with automatic fail-over.

  • Different transport-layer protocols (Ethernet, CAN, etc.), including heterogeneous transport redundancy.

  • High-quality open source reference implementations are freely available under the MIT license.

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