Lightweight open vehicle bus standard for aerospace and robotic applications.

Zubax Robotics is the main developer and maintainer of UAVCAN – an open lightweight data bus standard designed for reliable intravehicular communication in aerospace and robotic applications via CAN bus, Ethernet, and other robust transports.

UAVCAN is used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world in various domains including manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, micromobility, and even racing cars. Learn more from the official website at

Zubax Robotics provides commercial support and consulting services for UAVCAN.


  • Democratic network – no bus master, no single point of failure.
  • Publish/subscribe and request/response (RPC) exchange semantics.
  • Efficient exchange of large data structures with automatic decomposition and reassembly.
  • Lightweight, deterministic, easy to implement, and easy to validate.
  • Suitable for deeply embedded, resource constrained, hard real-time systems.
  • Specialized interface description language provides rich zero-cost data type and interface abstractions.
  • Usable with different transport protocols.
  • Supports dual and triply modular redundant transports.
  • Supports high-precision network-wide time synchronization.
  • High-quality open source reference implementations are freely available under the MIT license.

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