Lightweight data bus standard for reliable communication in aerospace and robotic applications via CAN bus.

Zubax Robotics is the main developer and maintainer of UAVCAN — an open data bus standard designed for aerospace and robotic applications.

UAVCAN is now an integral part of the Dronecode core infrastructure (the DroneCode project is maintained by The Linux Foundation) and is used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world.

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  • Democratic network - no single point of failure.
  • Publish/subscribe or request/response exchange semantics.
  • Allows efficient exchange of large data structures.
  • Lightweight, easy to implement protocol.
  • Supports network-wide time synchronization with microsecond precision.
  • Doubly- or triply- redundant CAN bus.
  • Can be used in deeply embedded, resource constrained, hard real-time systems.
  • The specification and high quality reference implementations are open and free to use.

Software libraries

  • Libuavcan - full-featured, highly robust implementation in C++ for embedded systems and Linux.
  • Libcanard - lightweight implementation in C for deeply embedded systems.
  • Pyuavcan - general-purpose, easy to use Python implementation.
  • - highly robust multipurpose implementation in the Rust programming language.

Application domains

  • Manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • Spacecraft.
  • Robots.

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