Mitochondrik LV photo

Mitochondrik LV

Integrated sensorless PMSM/BLDC motor controller chip for UAV and robotic propulsion systems; supports FOC (vector control).

Mitochondrik LV is an integrated module (like integrated circuit) that enables third-party hardware engineers to design sophisticated custom motor controllers using our cutting-edge motor control technology – Télega. With Mitochondrik, a regular hardware engineer without prior experience with motor control applications can design a custom field-oriented control ESC (also known as sine wave drive, or vector control) in a few days.

Mitochondrik reduces the time to market and the required engineering expertise for vehicle designers while allowing them to keep manufacturing of key components in-house, thus maintaining a high level of vertical integration.


  • Built-in step-down DC-DC converter, MOSFET driver, and the MCU running the Telega motor control solution.
  • Compatible with any PMSM/BLDC motor.
  • Supported supply voltages: 4–12 SLi-ion.
  • Continuous power output up to 7 kW.
  • Supported communication interfaces:
    • High-speed UART, for board-level communication.
    • USB CDC ACM (driverless compatiblity with GNU/Linux, MS Windows, OSX).
    • CAN bus (UAVCAN).
    • Standard RC PWM.

Open hardware reference designs

There are several permissively licensed open source designs showcasing how to leverage Mitochondrik LV in a practical application:

  • Komar (purchase) – a 4..12 S, 2500 W motor controller.
  • Sadulli (purchase) – a 4..8 S, 500 W integrated drive.
  • Bloxa – a low-power, minimalistic ESC rated for 4–8 S, 200 W.


Mitochondrik LV is currently available for approved early adopters only. The market release is planned for Q4 2020.

If you are interested to become an early adopter, please, contact us.

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